Magnon is the leading manufacturer of playground, fitness, street workout and sport equipment in our Region. The large scale of services will make your experience of working with us pleasant and easy. You can have the plan of your playground or sports ground area free of charge. You are welcomed to customize the colors, components and even suggest your own design of the equipment in accordance with your preferences.

We are proud of our inclusive playground equipment, which was developed with the great support of centers working with the children with disabilities.

In 1998 our group of scientist and engineers visited New York (USA) and based on the knowledge gained there our product line of playground, sports and park equipment was designed and developed. Even now we use US safety standards. We have copyright for 57 equipment.

You can find our equipment in Armenia, Georgia and even in Malavi (Africa). Our customers are international charity organizations, fonds, communities, embassies and Armenian diaspora. 

Magnon is not just a company, it is a community, which consists of pupils who help us to develop sensor boards for our inclusive playgrounds, students from the university of arts, who come up with amazing concepts for new playgrounds, people with disabilities, who work in our production plant, engineers and designers. We do love our company and you are welcomed to join us.