About Us

Magnon is the only specialized producer of playground and sport ground equipment in Armenia. It has certificate of conformity and quality benchmark. The company is the market leader with its quality.

The flexibility and customized production are the assets of the company which gives the customer the opportunity of purchasing a product according to his/her preferences and taste. The production can be both affordable and luxurious.

Since 1998 the company has installed 820 playgrounds in 10 regions of Armenia, 37 cities and 615 villages.

The company closely cooperates with foundations and charitable organizations and always has its own contribution in those projects. 

We produce what you want.

Our History

1976 the company was founded as the branch of the Leningrad’s (Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation) "Avangard" scientific production association which was involved in Planning and Research and Development.

the company was renamed "Magnon" special technological design engineering bureau.

the company was specialized in the planning and production of playground equipment.

Our success story started with the Sister Ariousiag Sajonian’s challenging idea of producing playground equipment for Boghossian Educational Center instead of importing it. The management and the staff of the company express their gratitude to Sister Arousiag for her kindness and will, for the strength and wisdom which ended up with the rebirth of almost devastated and hopeless company. She is the person who is always welcomed and loved by each member of the company.

the company was restructured as "Magnon” Open Joint Stock Company.

the production of sport ground and park equipment was lunched.

the production of decorative doors and gates was lunched.

the production of metal structures was restarted.

the company began to offer design and planning services.

the production of metal furniture was lunched.

Magnon Business Center was opened.

2013  import and sales of Alternative Energy Systems started. 

2014 the manufacturing of playground equipment with plastic parts was lunched.

2015 the manufacturing of playground equipment for the children with disabilities was lunched.

2016 the manufacturing of fitness equipment was lunched.

2017 the first equipment was exported to Malawi (Africa).

2018 the company entered to the Georgian market.

2019 became an authorized representative of the Polish "Novum" playground equipment manufacturer in Armenia.